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Common questions

What is the reason behind the delay of paying salaries?
Salary improvement on your QiCard card is attributable to the salary payer.
How can I check my card balance?
For balance check, please visit your nearest outlet or bank.
How can I claim part withdraw of an amount?
By using part withdrawal service, which is to withdraw part of the amount as to your wish. Savings service is for an open period on QiCard cards, regardless of entities (Pensions / Social Care / Displaced). You can visit the nearest bank and claim your deposit process or visit your nearest outlet and charge your card by using the outlet’s card transfer service.
What is the validity of the QiCard?
QiCard validity is for 10 years, after which you can claim a replacement card and any amounts shall be transferred electronically from the old card to the new one.
How can I communicate with you?
You can call our customer service center on 422 from all networks, throughout the week from 7:30 am to 8:00 pm. You can also contact us on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages.
Where can I issue a QiCard?
You can issue a QiCard from all branches of Rafidain and Rasheed Banks throughout Iraq, or from spread private centers.
How can I benefit from QiCard services, knowing that I am not an employee?
You can issue a smart card and enjoy all services (transfer / purchase / withdrawal / deposit). QiCard offers its services to all segments of the society.
How can I use QiCard outside Iraq?
Currently, QiCard service is available outside Iraq for retirees only in Rafidain bank’s branches in (Jordan / Lebanon / Abu Dhabi).
Is it possible to use Rafidain bank’s MasterCard for E-shopping from points of sale?
Yes, it is possible, as it is active in all websites and points of sale that accept MasterCard’s payments.
Is there a payment of loans on Rafidain Bank’s MasterCard or is it only on the QiCard?
Yes, there are payments of loans on Rafidain Bank’s MasterCard. The work is under way in cooperation with Rafidain Bank in order to use the same mechanism followed by QiCard cards.
What is the official commission of the outlet when processing a MasterCard’s exchange?
The official commission for paying the financial receivables at QiCard’s outlet is 0.003, which is the same as QiCard commission.
Is it possible to withdraw part of the amounts in the card (MasterCard or QiCard), and keep the other part of the amount as an E-Portfolio saving?
Yes, it is possible to use both cards by withdrawing needed amounts at any time. Any other card’s amounts is withdrawable and have no relation with salary payment dates.
Many are asking, if Rafidain Bank issued a U.S dollar MasterCard account?
Currently, there is no issuance of a U.S dollar currency MasterCard account. Iraqi dinar currency MasterCard account is issued and can be used around the world from any MasterCard’s ATM Machines. Moreover, even if any bank or outlet dealer deals with U.S dollars or any other currency, amounts values will be converted to the dollar rate and is to be equivalent to the Iraqi dinar’s Central Bank of Iraq exchange rate and withdrawn smoothly from the balance.
In the event of losing Rafidain Bank’s MasterCard, what is the correct procedure to be followed and as soon as possible?
In the event of the losing of Rafidain Bank’s MasterCard, you should immediately contact the customer service center on 422, in order to block and secure the customer's account, until issuing a replacement card or finding the old one.