Mar 05, 2024

A Great Collaboration and Services for Millions of Customers! Qi Card, Digital Zone, SuperCell

News Details
An innovative strategic partnership brings together Qi Card and Digital Zone with SuperCell Internet Company in a fruitful collaboration aimed at facilitating and enhancing the process of accessing internet services. According to the collaboration, customers can now purchase SuperCell fibre optic internet subscription cards through the Digital Zone app and Qi app. This agreement enables users to have a unique and convenient experience, as they can purchase the cards and receive the subscription code instantly via the Digital Zone platform, and conduct payment transactions easily and securely using Qi cards and other electronic payment methods. With millions benefiting from Qi card electronic payment services and a massive user base of SuperCell fibre optic internet users, Digital Zone provides innovative solutions as a comprehensive and easily accessible platform for various types of cards. This partnership reflects the commitment of each company to provide an integrated and efficient user experience by providing a unique purchasing gateway for a wide range of customers, thus simplifying and making access to internet subscription cards more convenient. This collaboration represents a first step in a journey filled with joint efforts to provide more facilities for customers. Both companies aim to further cooperation and work on launching other joint services in the near future, looking forward to enhancing the customer experience and providing unique solutions in the field of electronic payment technology and internet through this strategic partnership.

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